Ways To Make Your Home Sustainable

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Sustainable homes are becoming increasingly popular as they minimise our environmental impact in new and innovative ways. If you’re confused about making your new home sustainable, here are a few ways.  1. Choose green and sustainable materials  There are many ways to ensure the materials and products used for constructing your home are as eco-friendly […]

Modern Country Style Home Guide

When deciding on a style for your home, there are so many options available that you can go for. One of the extremely popular styles in Australia is modern country style homes. The design of modern country style homes is relaxed and minimal while still capturing the stunning combination of farm and cottage-styled homes. It […]

The Three Essentials for a Hamptons-Style Home for Australian Lifestyle

With the Australian way of life, the Hamptons lifestyle is the perfect home style, from soaking up the heat from the sun to having an alfresco where you can relax and have fun. Even though Hamptons style has its origins in America which is halfway across the world, it continues to capture the attention of […]

Things to know about Split-Level Homes

When planning to build your next home, you could face some challenges, one of which could be working with uneven land. Split-level houses are the best solution for such type of land because they are mostly built on a sloping or uneven block of land.  Here is a complete guide on Split-Level House for more […]

Must Have Home Security for your New Home

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After an exciting journey of designing your new home and finally moving in, it’s time to think about your new home security. First-time homeowners often overlook when it comes to home security. Dealing with the aftermath of burglary can be upsetting and time-consuming, so it is a good idea to make your home as safe […]

Why You Need to Incorporate Universal Design into Your Home

When you design your dream home, it is essential to create it comfortable and safe for the future. The design should be incorporated in a way that should last for many years to come. Many homeowners opt for thoughtful planning like universal design while building their homes that can accommodate their mobility challenges as they […]

How Energy Star Rating Works When Building Your Home

Having a home is a dream of many, but before you embark on this journey, you need to be aware. In 2010, under the National Construction Code, all new Victorian homes needed to comply with the 6 Star energy rating. So, how do you ensure that your home receives a positive energy rating?  Well, there […]

Tips On Future Proofing Your Home

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A house is a long-time investment, and for most people, a house is their biggest asset. So, it only makes sense, when building a new house, you should create something that won’t become obsolete in a decade’s time. Your house should be designed in a way that it should be efficient and comfortable for years […]