How Energy Star Rating Works When Building Your Home

Having a home is a dream of many, but before you embark on this journey, you need to be aware. In 2010, under the National Construction Code, all new Victorian homes needed to comply with the 6 Star energy rating. So, how do you ensure that your home receives a positive energy rating? 

Well, there are plenty of ways to reduce energy consumption and energy waste in a property like: 

  • Adding double or triple glazing to glass doors and windows 
  • Installing effective insulation in floors, walls, and roofs 
  • Installing energy-saving appliances and lighting systems 
  • Installing hot water, boilers, and air conditioning systems that are powered by renewable energy 
  • Install a rainwater tank for toilet flushing 
  • Tapware and showerheads that are water-efficient 

While all this sounds easy and simple, however, this is not enough. It would be best if you considered other things like the size and position of your new home because it is essential for energy efficiency. For this, your home builder can come for your help. He can guide you and plan how your house should be positioned. 

Why Energy Star Rating? 

The purpose of the energy Start Rating system is to make each and every home as energy-efficient as possible. Choosing energy-efficient heating & cooling, lighting, and appliances will mean an eco-friendlier home. 

How it affects you? 

  • Your house will have a better resale value. 
  • Significant reduction in your energy bills if you were able to achieve a high rating. If you go up a star in the rating, you can save on your energy costs up to 30%. 
  • Improvement in your sustainability and your environmental impact will be reduced. 

Good planning and design during the initial building stage will help you get a higher energy star rating. Contact our team at Elements Design & Build and begin the journey of your new 6-star standard home today.