How to Choose the Perfect Tapware

Taps are an essential element of any kitchen, bathroom, or laundry to complete the area’s look. But they are often overlooked and not given the same attention or time as other things. When choosing tapware for your home, it’s best to carefully consider your options and pick the best tap rather than simply buying the cheapest one available in the market. 

Today in this blog, we will help you pick the best tapware styles that will work best in your home. 

1. Know your style 

The first step when choosing your home’s tapware is to consider your needs carefully. Select something that goes well with the other fittings in the area. 

2. Water pressure 

When looking for new taps for your home, you will have to choose the tap suitable for your water pressure. The areas with low-pressure water systems need the taps designed for that level of pressure, while if you have high water pressure systems, it will be beneficial to buy taps designed for high levels. 

3. Finishing

The finish of your tap gives the final touch to the area. This makes your house go from standard to luxurious. The taps may consist of chrome or coloured lacquer, either brushed to a brilliant shine or polished. Before buying, make sure that 

the highest quality materials have been used, and chrome plating is sufficiently thick enough. 

Tip: Don’t use aggressive detergents when you clean your taps because they can ruin the chrome finish. 

4. Consider your needs 

Decide where and which places need the taps. The taps in the kitchen will be different from the taps of bathrooms and laundry. Every area has its needs; buy the tapware suitable for that particular area. 

Best for the kitchen: Pull-out taps, Spray mixer taps, Swivel-spout taps 

Best for the bathroom: Mixer taps, Three-piece tap sets 

Best for laundry: Wall-mounted mixer taps, Spout set 

If it’s still confusing, get help from our experts at Elements, and they will give you great ideas, inspiration to select the best tapware for your dream home.