The Three Essentials for a Hamptons-Style Home for Australian Lifestyle

With the Australian way of life, the Hamptons lifestyle is the perfect home style, from soaking up the heat from the sun to having an alfresco where you can relax and have fun. Even though Hamptons style has its origins in America which is halfway across the world, it continues to capture the attention of Australian homeowners with its elegant external aesthetic and airy interiors. Hamptons style home is a perfect fit for Australians as it provides simple and sophisticated home design. 

Here are four essentials if you are interested in building a Hamptons-Style Home in Australia. 

1. Create bright, airy spaces that connect with the outdoors 

The Australian lifestyle is all about the outdoors. Making the theme bright in living spaces and living rooms that flow seamlessly into outdoor spaces will be your perfect dream home style as an Aussie. 

2. Weatherboard for exterior 

It is not a Hamptons Style home if there is no weatherboard exterior. Installing a weatherboard on the exterior walls is essential to making the perfect Hamptons Façade that impresses the eyes. The horizontal clean shadow lines bring a coastal, elegant, and classic charm making the exterior facade of a Hamptons style home always stand. The cladding is relatively low maintenance, which also wins over traditional timber in the harsh climate of Australia. 

3. Right colour palette 

To get the right vibe for your Hamptons Style home, you have to go with the neutral coastal colours. But this is not the only option you can go with; warm, earthy, and rusty tones work well as accents in a Hamptons interior to give your home a luxurious little look. 

You can learn more about how you can bring Hamptons elegance to your new home by speaking with one of Ridgewater Homes design consultants.