Top winter interior trends for 2021

Since last year everyone around the world has been facing some strange times due to lockdown. Aussies are stuck with the travel ban, and the best option for many is to tend to their castles. Now with that being said, your home doesn’t have to be boring. The interior design of your home makes a positive difference in mental wellbeing, and that is why seeking out the latest interior trends is something you should look forward to. Now that winter is right around the corner, here are some new trends for home décor that you should not miss out on. 

Textured walls 

The beauty of any space comes from its walls. It ties the look of the whole space. This season, the texture is going to be the main theme for walls. In the interior design world, texture is essential as it impacts touch and sensation. Marble, wooden beams, wall panels, and stone will be the star of the season this year. 

It’s the season of navy 

The trend of the navy living room is getting really popular in the design world, but it is definitely not an easy colour pull-off. Despite being a difficult colour to work with, we can’t deny the beauty of navy colour. It is an amalgamation of luxury and sophistication. Whether you decorate your space with navy cushions/curtains or incorporate this colour through a modern furniture piece, it oozes an expensive grown-up look. And when working with this hue, the goal is to go all out. 

Simple and Minimalistic art 

Simple art that seamlessly blends with interiors is a huge trend in 2021 as more homeowners crave a peaceful, calmer, and cleaner environment. This season is all about Less is more. Simple but beautiful art pieces should be your picks this winter. 

We hope you’ve enjoyed our article on Winter Interior Design Trends of 2021. Could you see yourself channelling any of them?