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Our values inspire and direct us in our work and are what we live and breathe every day to bring your dream project to life. 

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Elements was formed by people who value design, innovation and sustainability. The company designs and builds beautiful and functional modern homes and development projects across Victoria. Each project is designed for the specific site, taking into consideration design principles and the clients requirements. Design and finish options are limitless, but every design is the result of genuine collaboration with each client.

Our Building Process



Come in to our office and lets discuss your requirements, ideas and vision. Have a look at one of our spec homes to see what we build.

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Design Discussion

We start off with a discussion with the designer to explore the possibilities and opportunities that the site has to offer. Our design team love to create a home for you that is crafted thoughtfully.

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Design Development

Once we have finalised the preliminary design layout, we visit the BIG PLANS facility with you to see how the house feels at actual scale - 1:1. This is our opportunity to tweek the design where required to improve the practicality of the layout.

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Based on the layout, site conditions and the desired inclusions, we develop a elaborated pricing proposal. This takes into account the pricing considering your requirements.

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Interior Design

Once the design is confirmed our interior designers then assist in creating the masterpiece you call home. They first try to understand what style you are after and then base their suggestions & recommendations on that.

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Contracts Permits

Once all the details are finalised, we prepare contracts for your signing. After this, our permit processing team starts gathering all the paperwork for the statutory approvals and structural engineering. Once the permits are received, the build process can then start.

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Transformation From Concept to Design

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Floor Plans
Color Theme


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