Brass Tapware to Elevate your Kitchen or Bathroom

When it comes to the kitchen, bathroom, or laundry, one of the main essential elements is tapware. The perfect tapware completes the look of the area. But oftentimes, it is overlooked and not given the same attention or time as other things. When it comes to choosing tapware for your home, it’s best to consider your options carefully and pick the best tap rather than simply buying the cheapest one available in the market. One of the best ones for you to opt for is brass tapware. It is by no means a new trend; it will continue to surge in popularity in 2022 thanks to its beauty and versatility. 

In this blog, we will talk all about brass tapware. 

Brass tapware was often chosen for traditional or heritage style bathrooms, but now it’s filtering into contemporary bathrooms. 

The Range 

When looking for brushed brass tapware, there are many finishes to choose from. They are great because it compliments a multitude of different colour palates. Whether it’s a light, neutral, or bright bathroom, from natural space to a moody dark bathroom, brushed brass tapware definitely will be an extension of the overall design. You will get an idea of which brass tapware you’re after by checking the finishes offered by different suppliers. 

Easy To Clean 

The maintenance and cleaning of brushed tapware are very easy. Cleaning your fixtures and fittings weekly with warm soapy water with a microfibre cloth using natural cleaning products. To reduce surface rust and watermarks, dry your brass tapware and fixtures after each use. 


The soft look of brass makes it versatile, which allows it to complement the surroundings rather than overpower. Brushed brass has a softer finish than polished brass and has a slightly worn look that gives it an elegance and a contemporary feel. 

If it’s confusing, get help from our experts at Elements Design & Build, and they will give you great ideas and inspiration to select the best-brushed brass tapware for your dream home.