Things to know about Split-Level Homes

When planning to build your next home, you could face some challenges, one of which could be working with uneven land. Split-level houses are the best solution for such type of land because they are mostly built on a sloping or uneven block of land. 

Here is a complete guide on Split-Level House for more information if you ever plan to build one for yourself. 

What is a Split-Level House? 

You can see a split-level construction commonly where it’s necessary to build a home on the side of a hill. They are designed to work with the natural layout of the land. It features living spaces that are divided into multiple levels, which are connected by short sets of stairs. 

How To Design a Split-Level House? 

There are a few different variations of split-level homes. An architect usually designs the floor plan to fit the individual lot topography. But a Side Split house is one of the most common designs. It has the main living areas (living room, kitchen, dining room, etc.) and the bedrooms over the garage on one side of the home. 

In other words, split-level home is a house that is not built on one floor that covers the entire house as compared to the regular house. Some areas are covered by a large main floor like the kitchen and dining room, but it eventually gives way to the staircases, leading to the other house areas like bedrooms. It is a house divided with one side of the house that has two stories, and the other half has just one.

Ground Floor
First Floor

Is a Split-Level home expensive to build? 

Usually, a split-level house is not a “trendy” house design; therefore, it could be slightly less expensive than a regular home. But it comes down to the design of a split-level home. The cost of a split-level build depends on various factors, including the home’s actual design and the slope of the land.  Do you currently have your eye on a split-level house? Our experienced team is here to help you on your journey. To learn more about split-level homes, contact us today.